Friday, January 6, 2012

Almost there!!!

We are almost there anyday now we will be welcoming our baby boy into this world!!! I went to the doctor yesterday they told me I was a generous 1 dialated not quite a 2 and 80% efaced!  The doctor had me set another appointment but told me more then likely we would not see them then I would have a baby before then! So we will see my sister is here from Texas now and my parents are down waiting for his arrival! Royal gets more and more excited with every grunt I make he wonders if it is the grunt that means we are headed to the hospital! His room is so cute!! I have it all finished and can't wait to post pictures but they will have to wait!! His cousin Casey is borrowing his room while she is here since he has no use for the crib!! :) He he competely set and ready to go we were so fortunate to have two baby showers thrown for us my sister had one for us in  Holbrook that was a great success and my sister in law Crystal and Mother in Law Liz threw one for us down here for friends and family that were unable to make the trip up the mountain!! They were both so fun and cute we got lots of great very needed things that were all so appreciated!!!
We had a great Christmas and New Years mostly pretty quiet Royal has had to work through the holidays and has not had much time off. And we have kept our traveling to a minimum with being so far along in the pregnancy! We did make the long trip to Texas for Thanksgiving and had a great visit out there for a few days  I have quit working for now till the baby comes and for a little bit after the baby is here after we adjust and get into a groove of things! 
Well just a little update from the Reidheads The next post hopefully will include photos of the nursery and  photos of the new addition!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Catching Up Once Again!!

Once again it has been far to long since I last posted!!

Our baby boy is getting HUGE in fact I am two days from being 30 weeks and he measures 34 weeks!! He is 4 lbs already and in the 95% for his weight! He at this time normally should be weighing 2 1/2 to 3 lbs! They want to do another ultrasound at 36 weeks to make sure he isn't getting to large! And depending on his size look at readjusting possibly the original birth plan!
So far everything has been going great I was in the hospital once for some stomach pains they said it was caused by a stomach bug I was fighting and Ladigo was irritating an already irritated stomach organ by causing pressure plus I was having excessive braxton hicks caused severe dehydration! So they gave me strict instructions on taking better care of myself and I have been following those so all is well!!!!
We are blessed to have a big healthy baby boy!! Moma was just kinda rooting for normally healthy sized rather then larger then normal lol
Any who soon we will be making our yearly journey to Texas for Thanksgiving! I am so excited just can't wait! We along the way will be picking up some of the final decorations for Ladigo's room!! Just can't wait to have it all finished and be able to post and everyone enjoy!! It has been so fun putting it all together!!
I have given' my info to my work about my maternity leave I plan to be done working the week between Christmas and New Years! If my body allows me to physically continue to give massage that long! Everyday seems to get harder and everyday seems that I can do less and less and my back still continues to hurt worse regardless of what I have done that day!
Royal is getting extremely excited to meet our boy!! Just can't believe how fast it has snuck up on us!! He could very well possible be here in 2 months now or less depending on how big he continues to get!!
So many things change with bringing him into this world, the financial stresses along with the fear of if we are going to good enough and how this will change us as a couple. All of these things we are ready to attack and get through! We already know it is all so very worth it the sacarifices we will be faced with in the next coming year! I see ALOT of change coming in our future!
Royal possibly changing careers or at least possibly changing positions in his field of work that will entail us having to move! So many things to look at but trying to be as prepared as possible to start this adventure once our boy is here!!! Hopefully I will keep this updated at least a couple more times before he is born!!!!

Thank you all for reading!
By the way if you noticed the spelling change since the last post we changed the spelling of his name from Ladego to Ladigo :)
Here is a picture of his latest ultrasound! He never cooperates so his arm is in front of his face but enjoy!!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011


So.. I just realized 1st of all it has been since January 20Th that I have posted! So long ago that my blog is still all Christmas festive!

Well I guess I have a lot of catching up to do!! Well first of all! WE ARE EXPECTING (though probably all of you know this by now :) ) I am nearly 20 weeks pregnant and on my birthday last Friday we found out our little one is a Boy!! We are naming him Ladego Dean Reidhead! We have had just about every reaction to the name possible I think but Royal and I still strongly feel that is the name for our son! Different..? Yes but that was our sole purpose :) Royal is so excited he can't hardly stand it! He is going to make such a great daddy to Ladego! We have already started on the room I will post pictures once it is complete although I don't want to because I know it just won't do the room justice!  My due date is January 17, 2012!

We had a huge storm last week that knocked down a whole stretch of power poles which left me stranded from 6:30 to about 9:15 that night when I went out to do a simple task of getting dinner for Royal and I since he was busy helping neighbors cut down trees off of there homes, vehicles and out of there drive ways! Its amazing how many people in the city that don't have chain saws and tools that growing up was a given we have on hand for simple trips to the woods and such!

Any who I am still working at the Chiropractors office! I will work there as long as I can before the baby is born so we will just wait and see how long that actually turns out to be!

My parents are doing good moms still busy at work and dad does what he can to entertain himself and stay busy! They were so happy to get to see there first grand kids ultrasound the day we found out what we were having! My mom and I started the shopping for the room the next day!! While Royal and my dad went out to do there only manly things! :)

My sister will be coming soon for the Annual Navajo County Fair and Rodeo it will be the first one she has been to in a long time we are so excited to have her and my niece here to enjoy the weekend with us!! We will be getting to see her every month for the next few months for one reason or another and as well my niece and Skyler for a couple of those occasions! They are all doing well and enjoying there big new might I add gorgeous home!!!

Royals family sadly is slowly moving away Jessica and John moved earlier this year to Montana and now his sister Amanda and John are getting ready to venture of to there new life in Utah! We wish you all the best!!! Hope it is a bright new change! Crystal and Spencer along with Royals mom are still here they just moved to Mesa but just in the few further minutes they moved we rarely see them anymore other then for a birthday party or family get together! Everyone is doing great though!!

Everyone is all well :)

Anyways that is all for now I suppose! I will try my best to stick with the blog better! I really need to do better!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catching Up!

We have had such a busy last couple of months!! Our Holiday season was great though busy great. With my family living semi far away there is lots of traveling to be done so all families get to have us for the holidays and we get to enjoy with all of them! 

My Sister and Brother in law came home the week after Christmas. Skyler was able to stay for a week and Kassie stayed for 2 1/2 weeks! It was so great having her and Casey home she is growing so fast! She is sitting up and trying to crawl she is so close to crawling she gets up on all fours and her knees move but her hands don't yet so she launches herself forward. Sorta in the breast stroke motion! She is so adorable though its so hard having her so far away! 

Although she is far away there are lots of little ones around her to keep us entertained Royals sister have lots of little ones all different ages to enjoy 3 new ones just this year! They were dressed up as elves for Christmas eve it was adorable!

I can't believe how time flies Royal and I have almost been married a year and in our house nearly 6 months!! And still loving it! We still haven't finished the back yard patio but will soon! Before it gets hot there is not much left to do its just a time consuming project with having to go gather the sandstone! 
I have started making furniture and things again. I finally have a full shop just laking a couple small machines. Things I can do with out for now! Royal got me for part of my Christmas a Router with a router table to make decorative things :)  I love building furniture and after getting a few orders done that I have backed up now we are going to make the rest of our bedroom set and living room in tables and entertainment center :) I am so excited to be in the shop again! It works out well Royal helps me a lot he enjoys making things as well. He is making a metal working area in our shop so with the two combination of his skill with metal and mine with wood we should be able to do some cool things :) 

Royals work schedule once again changed! He is working 4 10's again 8-6 which I like the hours them being the same as mine but the way the pay schedule falls every other month he was to work a extra day each week so that every check is 40 and not 30 so that kinda blows. But we can't complain he has a great job with great benefits (even after Obama care took effect)  and we would never be where we are now in this beautiful home and life without it! I wish I had a picture of him from when he gets home from work he is such a mess it is straight to the shower for him he usually comes in looking like he works in a coal mine.. which for those of you that don't know he doesn't :) 

Little update for some of you that know my sister and have seen on Facebook about her house,  since she doesn't have a blog I will update for her :) They finally got into there new house that the ranch built for them and honestly I love my house and moving into it knew its not my dream house.. which of course would be somewhere I can at least have my many horse and animals right here with me instead of a my father in laws but any who back to the subject her house is not only my dream house but many of ours I am sure its absolutely gorgeous and I know they feel very blessed for there new home and the job Skyler has been given that provides such things! 

Well that is all for now I think hopefully it will be sooner then the last time for updating my blog :) 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Progress

There are befores and afters the completely finished aren't here yet cause its not all done yet have to wait till we get the chance to get more sandstone hauled down :)
The cut out in the hill you will see will be sandstone covered as well then a jacuzzi will go there :) also on the patio we have a gazebo to put it just haven't built it yet due to not having the patio finished eventually we plan to build a water fall off the edge of the pool! 
All we need is time to get it all done! Hope you enjoy! 

 The start of laying the grass!

 Finished grass!

 Rock on the hill and some of the plants going in also! ( And my puppy Dally) :)

 Digging to lay the drip system!
 Fences to hide A/C unit and Pool pump below

 Rock with plants the ones against the back wall are palms that will grow taller and Hibiscus bushes also in the middle is Lantana flower ground covers. And on the bottom purple flower bushes.
 Finished stained fences 

 Cooper helped us lay the start of the sandstone patio! 

 That side of the yard is finished! ^

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I am going to finally update our blog I finally have a new computer so I don't have pictures yet(haven't got them transfered from the old one yet) : ) But update on how things are going! We Finally got into our new home we have been here about a month now!
We have done tons of work in the back yard and almost have it all finished and the last portion is the hardest and will take the longest! So hopefully sometime soon. We will be more motivated to do more once it finally cools off!
For those of you reading that aren't in the Queen Creek area yes it is October but yes it is still hot!
Royal has been busy working we are seeming to like his new schedule it gives us time to actually be productive!
The doctor I work for has been picking up so I have been much busier lately as well!
My niece Casey is getting so big we are hoping to get to go out to Texas and see her soon, can't wait for the holidays to bring the family together to be able to enjoy her! 

I will post pictures of our new home soon!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our New Home Update

We are scheduled to sign papers on our new home this coming week! We are so excited we should be moving in Friday. I get a new house for my Birthday! I have gotten new house for the last three years for my birthday but this year it is mine to keep! The other have been rentals this one is actually ours! We are so excited and can't wait to start adding our own touch to the house! The back yard is all dirt except for a big pool right in the center so we are very excited to do some landscaping! :) Make it pretty it has great potential we have big plans for it. 
This isn't a great picture  the yard is a good size yard I will take more pictures and post later!