Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Progress

There are befores and afters the completely finished aren't here yet cause its not all done yet have to wait till we get the chance to get more sandstone hauled down :)
The cut out in the hill you will see will be sandstone covered as well then a jacuzzi will go there :) also on the patio we have a gazebo to put it just haven't built it yet due to not having the patio finished eventually we plan to build a water fall off the edge of the pool! 
All we need is time to get it all done! Hope you enjoy! 

 The start of laying the grass!

 Finished grass!

 Rock on the hill and some of the plants going in also! ( And my puppy Dally) :)

 Digging to lay the drip system!
 Fences to hide A/C unit and Pool pump below

 Rock with plants the ones against the back wall are palms that will grow taller and Hibiscus bushes also in the middle is Lantana flower ground covers. And on the bottom purple flower bushes.
 Finished stained fences 

 Cooper helped us lay the start of the sandstone patio! 

 That side of the yard is finished! ^

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  1. Your backyard is looking sooo good I love all the sandstone. Can't wait to see it all done.