Friday, January 6, 2012

Almost there!!!

We are almost there anyday now we will be welcoming our baby boy into this world!!! I went to the doctor yesterday they told me I was a generous 1 dialated not quite a 2 and 80% efaced!  The doctor had me set another appointment but told me more then likely we would not see them then I would have a baby before then! So we will see my sister is here from Texas now and my parents are down waiting for his arrival! Royal gets more and more excited with every grunt I make he wonders if it is the grunt that means we are headed to the hospital! His room is so cute!! I have it all finished and can't wait to post pictures but they will have to wait!! His cousin Casey is borrowing his room while she is here since he has no use for the crib!! :) He he competely set and ready to go we were so fortunate to have two baby showers thrown for us my sister had one for us in  Holbrook that was a great success and my sister in law Crystal and Mother in Law Liz threw one for us down here for friends and family that were unable to make the trip up the mountain!! They were both so fun and cute we got lots of great very needed things that were all so appreciated!!!
We had a great Christmas and New Years mostly pretty quiet Royal has had to work through the holidays and has not had much time off. And we have kept our traveling to a minimum with being so far along in the pregnancy! We did make the long trip to Texas for Thanksgiving and had a great visit out there for a few days  I have quit working for now till the baby comes and for a little bit after the baby is here after we adjust and get into a groove of things! 
Well just a little update from the Reidheads The next post hopefully will include photos of the nursery and  photos of the new addition!!!