Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our New Home Update

We are scheduled to sign papers on our new home this coming week! We are so excited we should be moving in Friday. I get a new house for my Birthday! I have gotten new house for the last three years for my birthday but this year it is mine to keep! The other have been rentals this one is actually ours! We are so excited and can't wait to start adding our own touch to the house! The back yard is all dirt except for a big pool right in the center so we are very excited to do some landscaping! :) Make it pretty it has great potential we have big plans for it. 
This isn't a great picture  the yard is a good size yard I will take more pictures and post later!

Cowpunchers 2010

Cowpunchers 2010 The Reunion Of Where Royal and I began years ago, also my sister and her Husband.


Remembering Our Fallen Cowboys Since 2009

My Niece Casey's First Year as a Cowpuncher!

It was a Muddy Mess from the Beginning

But we are Cowpuncher we Rodeo Rain Or Shine

Muds the new Saddle Oil

We had a Great Time As Always

Cleanin Up A Little

Even The Little Ones Get in On The Action