Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catching Up!

We have had such a busy last couple of months!! Our Holiday season was great though busy great. With my family living semi far away there is lots of traveling to be done so all families get to have us for the holidays and we get to enjoy with all of them! 

My Sister and Brother in law came home the week after Christmas. Skyler was able to stay for a week and Kassie stayed for 2 1/2 weeks! It was so great having her and Casey home she is growing so fast! She is sitting up and trying to crawl she is so close to crawling she gets up on all fours and her knees move but her hands don't yet so she launches herself forward. Sorta in the breast stroke motion! She is so adorable though its so hard having her so far away! 

Although she is far away there are lots of little ones around her to keep us entertained Royals sister have lots of little ones all different ages to enjoy 3 new ones just this year! They were dressed up as elves for Christmas eve it was adorable!

I can't believe how time flies Royal and I have almost been married a year and in our house nearly 6 months!! And still loving it! We still haven't finished the back yard patio but will soon! Before it gets hot there is not much left to do its just a time consuming project with having to go gather the sandstone! 
I have started making furniture and things again. I finally have a full shop just laking a couple small machines. Things I can do with out for now! Royal got me for part of my Christmas a Router with a router table to make decorative things :)  I love building furniture and after getting a few orders done that I have backed up now we are going to make the rest of our bedroom set and living room in tables and entertainment center :) I am so excited to be in the shop again! It works out well Royal helps me a lot he enjoys making things as well. He is making a metal working area in our shop so with the two combination of his skill with metal and mine with wood we should be able to do some cool things :) 

Royals work schedule once again changed! He is working 4 10's again 8-6 which I like the hours them being the same as mine but the way the pay schedule falls every other month he was to work a extra day each week so that every check is 40 and not 30 so that kinda blows. But we can't complain he has a great job with great benefits (even after Obama care took effect)  and we would never be where we are now in this beautiful home and life without it! I wish I had a picture of him from when he gets home from work he is such a mess it is straight to the shower for him he usually comes in looking like he works in a coal mine.. which for those of you that don't know he doesn't :) 

Little update for some of you that know my sister and have seen on Facebook about her house,  since she doesn't have a blog I will update for her :) They finally got into there new house that the ranch built for them and honestly I love my house and moving into it knew its not my dream house.. which of course would be somewhere I can at least have my many horse and animals right here with me instead of a my father in laws but any who back to the subject her house is not only my dream house but many of ours I am sure its absolutely gorgeous and I know they feel very blessed for there new home and the job Skyler has been given that provides such things! 

Well that is all for now I think hopefully it will be sooner then the last time for updating my blog :)