Sunday, October 3, 2010


I am going to finally update our blog I finally have a new computer so I don't have pictures yet(haven't got them transfered from the old one yet) : ) But update on how things are going! We Finally got into our new home we have been here about a month now!
We have done tons of work in the back yard and almost have it all finished and the last portion is the hardest and will take the longest! So hopefully sometime soon. We will be more motivated to do more once it finally cools off!
For those of you reading that aren't in the Queen Creek area yes it is October but yes it is still hot!
Royal has been busy working we are seeming to like his new schedule it gives us time to actually be productive!
The doctor I work for has been picking up so I have been much busier lately as well!
My niece Casey is getting so big we are hoping to get to go out to Texas and see her soon, can't wait for the holidays to bring the family together to be able to enjoy her! 

I will post pictures of our new home soon!


  1. I love all that blonde hair she is so cute. I'm glad you will get to see her soon that would be so hard. At least the holidays will bring you all together again. She is already getting so big it's crazy how fast little one grow.

  2. Ohhhh she is so cute! I think she looks so much like her daddy but I see Kassie in her too. Its fun watching them change as they grow and being able to say, "Look she has my hands or whatever." Glad you are going to get to see her soon.