Saturday, August 27, 2011


So.. I just realized 1st of all it has been since January 20Th that I have posted! So long ago that my blog is still all Christmas festive!

Well I guess I have a lot of catching up to do!! Well first of all! WE ARE EXPECTING (though probably all of you know this by now :) ) I am nearly 20 weeks pregnant and on my birthday last Friday we found out our little one is a Boy!! We are naming him Ladego Dean Reidhead! We have had just about every reaction to the name possible I think but Royal and I still strongly feel that is the name for our son! Different..? Yes but that was our sole purpose :) Royal is so excited he can't hardly stand it! He is going to make such a great daddy to Ladego! We have already started on the room I will post pictures once it is complete although I don't want to because I know it just won't do the room justice!  My due date is January 17, 2012!

We had a huge storm last week that knocked down a whole stretch of power poles which left me stranded from 6:30 to about 9:15 that night when I went out to do a simple task of getting dinner for Royal and I since he was busy helping neighbors cut down trees off of there homes, vehicles and out of there drive ways! Its amazing how many people in the city that don't have chain saws and tools that growing up was a given we have on hand for simple trips to the woods and such!

Any who I am still working at the Chiropractors office! I will work there as long as I can before the baby is born so we will just wait and see how long that actually turns out to be!

My parents are doing good moms still busy at work and dad does what he can to entertain himself and stay busy! They were so happy to get to see there first grand kids ultrasound the day we found out what we were having! My mom and I started the shopping for the room the next day!! While Royal and my dad went out to do there only manly things! :)

My sister will be coming soon for the Annual Navajo County Fair and Rodeo it will be the first one she has been to in a long time we are so excited to have her and my niece here to enjoy the weekend with us!! We will be getting to see her every month for the next few months for one reason or another and as well my niece and Skyler for a couple of those occasions! They are all doing well and enjoying there big new might I add gorgeous home!!!

Royals family sadly is slowly moving away Jessica and John moved earlier this year to Montana and now his sister Amanda and John are getting ready to venture of to there new life in Utah! We wish you all the best!!! Hope it is a bright new change! Crystal and Spencer along with Royals mom are still here they just moved to Mesa but just in the few further minutes they moved we rarely see them anymore other then for a birthday party or family get together! Everyone is doing great though!!

Everyone is all well :)

Anyways that is all for now I suppose! I will try my best to stick with the blog better! I really need to do better!!

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